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Val Holler Band - EP

by Val Holler

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Roundtable 03:53
"Roundtable" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) • All rights reserved. VERSE In the midst of learning to walk, I have stumbled across your message of flight. Your lesson in soul on the Isle of Wight. The poet has agreed to submit for the record, a vision of technique inspired. Dreams can be learned but the essence is wired. Under prismatic hues and billows of smoke, I've inhaled and exhaled listening close through the night: A fish-eyed lens lying prone in delight. CHORUS MAY I SIT AT YOUR TABLE, TONIGHT? VERSE In the midst of a suburban fog, I have stumbled across a pawn-shop guitar. My family and friends want a larger car. The poet has agreed to slow it, know it, Speed it up, slow it down, get it right. A softly spoken stick o dynamite. Underwater sunlight and music concrete, Signs and saws and pulses arranged, The master tricks himself into feeling deranged. CHORUS MAY I SIT AT YOUR ROUNDTABLE? WE SIT AROUND THE TABLE. BRIDGE/SOLO OUTRO In the mess of a sunken, sullen, smoky downtown room...
Shadyside 06:29
"Shadyside" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) • All rights reserved. INTRO VERSE It's a hot and blistery one today In the market and the square. A naked wheelchair - try not to stare. The acrobats and cool cats play - Just a stroll from old Broadway. VERSE A lone guitar sitting off the fray Down by the rasta football lovin' blood. Just a simple pud like Billy Budd, He journeys into his own way - Just a stroll from old Broadway. CHORUS GET DOWN FOR A RIDE TAKE ME BACK TO SHADYSIDE. BRIDGE VERSE The run is full of sweaty dogs at bay - A social circle at its best. Some incense, yoga, books from old East-West Helps me to sing what I can't say - Just a stroll from old Broadway. (2x) CHORUS 2nd line: SHE TAKES ME BACK TO SHADYSIDE BRIDGE CHORUS 2nd line: MY HEART GOES BACK TO SHADYSIDE BRIDGE OUTRO
"The Passionless Fruit" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) • All rights reserved. INTRO VERSE The passionless fruit is painful but sweet. A quarantine of feelings. An empty old street. Desire is the keystone To turn a rusty lock. Activate the sunshell, Sugar in the rock. CHORUS THE CORE OF ONE... VERSE Unbridled emotion is a runaway train. The high, the low commotion - Jump the rails now and again. I see a foot soldier in the trenches of disgust, Out to liberate a cherry from the dust to dust. CHORUS BRIDGE SOLO VERSE: The passionless fruit is old medicine. The tonic of sages - The closest of kin. MINI-BRIDGE + REPEAT 1ST VERSE CHORUS: (FEEL THE) THE CORE OF ONE... THE CORE OF ONE... THE CORE OF ONE...
Ol' 69 04:51
"Ol '69" words and music by Chris Knudson 3/4 time ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) • All rights reserved. VERSE I like my salvation kind of easy, kind of cool. My dancing temptation waltzes matilda out by the pool. Them crazy old magpies just dont understand my quiet delight. They take so much pleasure in razzing each other, come day and come night. CHORUS THE WINDING STAIRCASE UP THE STONY TOWER - A FLOWER - POWER. VERSE I sit around thinking bout all the kings horses and all the kings whores. I'm just a salesman peddling dustpans and such door-to-door. My clock is ticking, her clock is stopped - Oh, what a mess. I'd wind her back up, but you know, she wont let me take off her dress. CHORUS BRIDGE (back to 3/4) VERSE The weathervanes in my body, well, they never lie - Just pushing, and pushing, and pushing blood back to my heart in the sky. CHORUS BRIDGE VERSE I like my salvation kind of easy, kind of cool. OUTRO
"Ten Miles to Bliss" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) • All rights reserved. VERSE Well, allright. Gonna stop my ride in the middle of the road - lay down look up at the stars. Hell, allright. Seems there's plenty of space for the entire human race and a pickle or two on Mars. Well, OK. You know there's nothing wrong and I won't be long looking up at the milky sweet and sour. Hell, OK. She said I see it in your eye - there's a will to fly and a turtle-dove loving kind of power. CHORUS I FEEL, IT'S TIME. LAY DOWN YOUR GUNS-AND-BUTTER PHILOSOPHY. I KNOW, IT'S TIME. TEN MILES TO BLISS, 'CROSS THE BORDER OF A KISS. VERSE Well, allright. So she's showing me how to milk a sacred cow on a moony Sunday farm. Hell, allright. But I'm a little bit confused about these Martian blues and their innocence to harm. Well, OK. Should I dare to do Rogers and Astaire with a legless alien girl? Hell, OK. Guess I'll stay for a while, learn the miracle mile, come back and give the Earth a twirl. CHORUS BRIDGE SOLO=BRIDGE VERSE Well, allright. So I heard it was bad, some were filthy, some were had. Some were up to their knees in shit. Hell, allright. But with a little space magic, we'll heal the tragic - turn dust into silver sand. Well, OK. Stirred up a little faith from the wren to the wraith to embrace a loverly skit. Hell, OK. So you see my little spry, there's a time for lullabye, and there's a time to strike up the band. CHORUS OUTRO=BRIDGE
Sal 05:47
"Sal" words and music by Chris Knudson ©Tathata Music (ASCAP) • All rights reserved. INTRO VERSE Just a little guy with a mother of a plan Gonna take a little bit of forest and turn it into sand. Like paper for the poorest, woe-begotten and down-trodden, Broken glass - pain in the ass, sucker-punch humanity, clipping coupons for love. CHORUS I FEEL THE TEAR OF A GIANT CRY AS I'M STANDING ON HER TOE, AND SHE'S WALKING, WALKING REAL SLOW. VERSE Sal Divinorum don't come easy on the street. When you're sick and tired of following - Long for silence in your sleep. Like a diamond man dollering up a brothel doll, Moth-eaten ball, silk sash, private stash, blindfold, cakewalk, don't talk - This one here's two for one. CHORUS "AND SHE'S WALKING" into BRIDGE BRIDGE My gentle giant My giant lady. SOLO=1/2 INTRO VERSE Like paper in the forest, Like a diamond... OUTRO


This EP was recorded and mixed in the summer of 1997 by Vinny Nobile (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Pilfers) at SUB2H studio at 262 Mott St. in Manhattan, New York. The musicians on the album performed these songs mostly at prominent clubs around lower Manhattan at the time including Arlene Grocery and The Living Room, and the recording is faithful to the sound of the band's live sound. The songs were composed in the mid-90s after Chris departed from his 9-piece synth pop band Mind Over Matter (subsequently renamed The 47th Rhyme over a name dispute), which recorded demos and performed around New York between 1993 and 1995.


released September 2, 1997

Chris Knudson: vocals and acoustic guitar
Brad Albetta: bass
Adam Chasan: drums
Allen Towbin: electric guitar
Len Morton: additional bass
Vinny Nobile: recording and mix engineer
Nate Harrold: cover art

©1997 Lightstone Records / Tathata Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Val Holler New York, New York

Val Holler is the artist name for singer/songwriter Chris Knudson primarily from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, while based in New York, Los Angeles and Berlin, Germany. It was a result of Chris being born with a phonetically challenging last name (he pronounces the "K" in Knudson), and finding a musical identity that mixes Scandinavian lore (Valhalla) and southern "hollerin'." ... more

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